DxO One: Review

(image courtesy of petapixel.com)

Now, we have all heard about various iPhone attachments to improve the camera. I myself own a small camera clip, which I have plans to talk about in a future post (so look out for it!).

But this.. this is something else.

Essentially, it has a 1 inch, 20.2 MP sensor and pushes that to its limits. It clips onto the top of the iPhone as you would imagine, and its square form acts as a mini hand grip, complete with shutter button at the top. There’s no zoom, but it’s equal to 32mm focal length. Not bad, considering many of us using DSLRs stick with a 35mm or 50mm for most of our portrait work.

The Stats

ISO: 100-51,200 (sorry, what!?)

RAW and JPG capabilities (I want it already!)

Video: 1080p @30fps or 720p @120fps

Aperture: f/1.8 – f11 (That wide aperture is sure impressive!)

Unlike other camera enhancing products, the DxO One connects via lightning port, which of course makes the entire ‘setting up’ process much easier – and none of that bluetooth disconnected business I seem to struggle with so often.

The only downside to this incredible, compact camera attachment that transforms your iPhone into something better than your average point-and-shoot?

… The price tag. $599 for this puppy.

Although, if you’re saving up for a higher quality but not DSLR camera, you might just want to invest here. It’s smaller, has great potential… and we all mostly¬†our photos for Instagram anyways ;)